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Sawfish, a shark-looking ray, is the most endangered marine fish in the world. With the most valuable fins in the shark fin trade, a saw that easily tangles in nets, and coastal habitat that is threatened by pollution and development, it is not surprising that sawfish is gone from large portions of its range. I've been participating as an observer in the  meetings of the SPAW Protocol supporting the listing of sawfish under this agreement. The next step is to ensure that domestic laws in countries where sawfish may still exist protect these unique animals.


Sealife Law began when an Atlantic green named Jerry stole my heart. That was at  Sea Turtle, Inc. on South Padre Island in 2014. Since then, I've  reviewed contracts, interpreted  legislation, developed recommendations as well as proposed amendments for sea turtle protection in the Caribbean.


In addition to the tropical Caribbean sea, I research fisheries in the north Pacific and marine mammal protections in the north Atlantic. 

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