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because the legal world can change as fast as the oceans  

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Welcome to SeaLife Law, a place where law connects with science and education to advance ocean conservation.

Once a business lawyer, Olga’s fascination with marine species ignited a profound transformation, steering her expertise towards biodiversity protection. Her journey highlights the heart’s ability to find a calling beyond conventional paths, proving it’s never too late to shift focus to what matters.

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- Treaty Spotlight -

Specially Protected Areas & Wildlife


(SPAW) Protocol


The SPAW Protocol is a binding document. It establishes a regional mechanism for countries in the Wider Caribbean to identify endangered species and designate protected areas. With 18 Parties across the Region, SPAW is an underutilised opportunity to develop transboundary  measures to preserve biodiversity and achieve sustainable livelihoods.    Click below for listed marine species, parties and key obligations.







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These ancient marines are protected by a variety of laws at all levels. Strictness, scope, and effectiveness differ from place to place creating a patchwork of measures.


The word “shark” in  documents usually also covers rays and sometimes chimaeras. Figuring out which ones of these gentle giants and ferocious predators are covered is key.



The term Marine Protected Area describes an area set aside for conservation. Rules governing MPAs can very from site to site even within the same country.





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