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Olga Koubrak    JD, PhD  









Welcome to SeaLife Law, a place where law connects with science and education to advance ocean conservation.

Once a business lawyer, Olga’s fascination with marine species ignited a profound transformation, steering her expertise towards biodiversity protection. Her journey highlights the heart’s ability to find a calling beyond conventional paths, proving it’s never too late to shift focus to what matters.


Olga's academic and professional journey is distinguished by her commitment to marine conservation through the lens of law. After completing her Master of Laws, focusing on the protection of critically endangered sawfishes in the Caribbean, Olga has been at the forefront of advocating for stronger legal protections in priority countries. Her doctoral studies at Dalhousie University have further solidified her expertise, with significant contributions to interdisciplinary research projects on fisheries management and whale protection in Canada. Her thesis offers a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of biodiversity protocols under the UNEP's Regional Seas Programme in safeguarding threatened marine species. Olga is a WIDECAST country co-coordinator for Canada, working to find solutions to the crisis facing sea turtles at national and international levels.


SeaLife Law strives to achieve the following goals:

 Assist countries in upholding their international environmental law obligations;

 Make national environmental laws accessible and comprehensible to all;

 Involve a diverse range of stakeholders in the law-making process, respecting local customs and traditions;

 Advocate for the judicial systems to take environmental law violations seriously;

 Promote environmental law as a rewarding career choice for legal professionals.

We invite you to join us in our quest for a sustainable future, guided by the principles of justice and conservation. Fair winds and following seas on your journey with SeaLife Law.
































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